Action point
Crossfit, Muay Thai or calm yoga? Our leads will experience different kinds of sport with professional teachers and tell YOU how to properly make the exercises.
Best beaches of Thailand, islands and more!

My Thai: real stories
Famous people share their awesome experience from the Kingdom of Smiles.

Pattaya spots
Learn everything you need to know before going to the most partying and hype city of Thailand.
Indy travel
Best bloggers from Russia will take you to rope-jumping, parachuting of diving. Don't miss the fun!
A house beside the sea
Explore Thailand's best property. By the way, there are also tips how to buy your own seaside villa!
Business mission
BRICS, intervies with Ambassadors and all the main events from business and investment world.
Rivers of Thailand
Not only Thailand: telling stories about Russian East.
No words needed
Just gaze
Musical chill-out

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